Oct 29, 2012


Hello everyone!
I'm very proud to say that outstanding strength has reached 10000 views today! Thank you all for help and keep training!
Oct 16, 2012

Bodyweight training vs. weight training

In modern times, most people choose weights to train their body. Bodyweight exercises are neglected by many or used only by begginers. People assosiate bodyweight exercises with endurance training and only basic strength training. Reasons for that may include: bad memories from P.E. classes back in school years, lack of knowledge about different bodyweight exercises (only knowing basic pushups, squats and pullups). Athletes also choose weight training because it is practiced more widely around the world. This article is aimed to put you in a new perspective and check some of the advantages of bodyweight training.

Oct 6, 2012

Neutral grip pull up

Neutral grip pull ups are great for athletes who feel discomfort while performing regular chin ups. Hands should be holding the bar with neutral grip, so a set of two bars or bar with handles is needed. Different hand positioning is great for variety and targets different muscle parts.


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